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Tina Husted

Born in Bucyrus, OH

Lives & works in Columbus, Ohio


I have always been keenly aware of my profound artistic inclination. However, it took numerous years to truly translate this passion onto canvas. While I dabbled in various art mediums, crafting modest creations throughout the years, it wasn't until the autumn of 2014 that I rekindled my deep love for art, particularly pastel work.


Pastels, I find, possess an enchanting range of colors that allow for the enhancement and dispersion of shadows throughout my compositions. I have a profound connection to my art by using my hands for both drawing and blending. In 2017, I expanded my artistic horizons by delving into the realms of acrylics and oils, resulting in the creation of numerous works..

My inspiration often stems from the allure of radiant light, be it in the form of breathtaking sunrises, mesmerizing sunsets, or the intricate interplay of shadows upon cloud formations. The natural world, encompassing landscapes and the Earth's inherent beauty, continuously beckons me to capture that perfect moment when light takes center stage.

I find immense satisfaction in painting pieces that pay homage to Ohio's landscapes, a place of origin that holds a special resonance within my heart. Many of my works transport me back to cherished childhood memories, while others draw me closer to a sense of spirituality and connection with the divine.


In my commitment to honor a higher purpose, I have chosen to donate many of my works to various causes. These contributions include supporting a scholarship fund at North Central State and allocating a portion of all sales to benefit The Riverside United Methodist Church, which is dedicated to serving numerous missions and outreach efforts.

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