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Tina Husted

Born in Bucyrus, OH

Lives & works in Columbus, Ohio


Deep in my heart I've always been aware of my strong artistic has just taken many years to truly put it on paper.  While I have done some small works over the years with various art mediums, in the fall of 2014, I discovered pastel chalk. With God's grace, everything simply "clicked".


Pastels are wonderful in that they offer an array of colors with which shadowing can be enhanced and distributed throughout the piece. I feel particularly connected to my work by controlling pastels with my hands both by drawing and blending.  In 2017, I began working with acrylics and oils have produced several other pieces of art with these mediums.

Strong light inspires me--sunrises, sunsets, and interesting shadowing on cloud formations are a large part of my work.  Nature, landscapes, and the great beauty of what the earth offers continue to draw me in so to capture the perfect time when the light has its "moment".


I love utilizing various paper and canvas types to enhance my work-I've discovered the best paper choice, both in color and texture, adds dimension and depth.  Along with thoughtful paper choices, I also greatly enjoy painting pieces that emulate the landscape of Ohio, being a native of the state.  Many of my pieces take me back to childhood memories that resonate within my soul of having been there at one time while others draw me closer God.


To honor God, many works are donated to various causes including a scholarship fund through North Central State as well a percentage of all sales will benefit The Riverside United Methodist Church and the many missions which it serves-

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